Sylvia Foster-Frau joins The Post’s national investigative team

Announcement from National Editor-in-Chief Phil Rucker, National Associate Editor Amy Ficus, and National Research Senior Editor Rosalind Helderman:

We are pleased to announce that Sylvia Foster-Frau took on a new role with The National’s investigative team last year, using her strong reporting skills to pursue high-impact accountability stories from across the country. Masu. As part of her research assignment, Sylvia examines how local, state, and federal governments are contributing to the country’s increasingly diverse population and the impact of America’s changing racial, ethnic, and cultural demographics. We plan to continue investigating whether this is the case.

As the America Desk’s standout reporter covering multiculturalism, Sylvia excelled at telling complex stories that required rigorous reporting and a keen sense of responsibility. Last year, she worked closely with research and corporate teams on the Post’s groundbreaking series “American Icon,” which examined the role of the AR-15 in society. She and Holly Bailey wrote a moving article about the lifelong disability and trauma left five years after the mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, and the Post published an AR perspective revealing the devastation. He served as the anchor for “Repeated Terrorism.” He was shot 15 times.

Sylvia’s coverage of several mass shootings, including the Uvalde, Texas, massacre and her insightful and empathetic reporting on Latino voters for the 2022 midterm elections, has given her the power to tell stories that resonate. I have shown my instincts. Additionally, after news of Dobbs’ decision first broke, she wrote a powerful story about the different experiences of Mexican-American families and her views on abortion.

Sylvia received the National Association of Hispanic Journalists’ Elaine Rivera Civil Rights and Social Justice Award in 2022 for her work on the little-known crisis of police violence against Latinos.

Sylvia joined the Post in February 2021 from the San Antonio Express-News where she covered immigration. She won the Texas APME Star Reporter of the Year Award in 2019 for her coverage of immigration and the Sutherland Springs shooting.

Sylvia is from Galesburg, Illinois, a place she often describes as “not even close to Chicago.” During her high school years she served as a columnist for a local newspaper, and her first job was as a cashier and baker at a bakery. After she graduated from high school, she lived in northern Mexico for a year as part of her exchange program, and she graduated from Grinnell College with a bachelor’s degree in English.

Sylvia serves as Vice President of the DC Chapter of NAHJ. She lives in Washington with a former stray dog ​​named Tony. Tony enjoys taking walks in Meridian Hill Park, except when he tries to roll over something mysterious but clearly unpleasant.

Let’s congratulate Sylvia on her transfer.

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