Opinion | Nikki Haley is a better choice for Republicans than Trump

As Republican voters prepare to choose their presidential nominee, they should ask themselves simple questions: “Do we want the 2024 election to be a close one or a landslide?”

Joe Biden is the weakest incumbent in modern presidential history. He had the lowest approval ratings of any president since World War II. He has double-digit disapproval ratings on every issue voters think is important, from the economy to inflation to crime to immigration to foreign policy. A Monmouth University poll found that 76% of voters said he was “practically too old to serve another term,” while a Yahoo News/YouGov poll found that Fifty-four percent said he was no longer capable of carrying out the duties of president. ” There is no one more vulnerable than a president seeking re-election.

But despite Biden’s unprecedented vulnerability, Donald Trump currently leads Biden by just 1.2 percentage points on RealClearPolitics’ average, making them a statistical tie. The Republican front-runner should be overwhelming Biden in the polls, but that’s not the case. why? Because Trump is just as unpopular as Biden.

Trump is currently benefiting from being out of the daily media spotlight for the past three years. But as his trial begins and he begins his campaign in earnest, Americans will remember why they ousted him in 2020. And by November, as with every presidential election, the polls will be tight. With Trump currently holding a narrow lead, some Democrats are panicking that Biden will lose. In fact, it’s the Republicans who should be panicking that Biden might. win.

It doesn’t have to be this way. The election will be decided by thousands of floating voters in a small number of battleground states. Democrats were shocked by the results of a New York Times/Siena College poll in November that showed Trump narrowly leading Biden in key battleground states. Now, in the same poll, Nikki Haley leads Biden by 7 points in Arizona (compared to Trump’s 5 points), 10 points in Michigan (compared to Trump’s 5 points), and 10 points in Pennsylvania (compared to Trump’s 4 points). comparison), and 13 points in Wisconsin (Trump loses by 2 points).

The poll also found that “a majority of voters in battleground states believe that… [Trump] Negatively. ” Do Republicans want a candidate these voters will have to choke on the bile to vote for? Or do they want a candidate they can enthusiastically support? According to many polls, Haley beats Biden by double digits, and is the only Republican candidate with that much of a lead. A December Wall Street Journal poll showed him leading Biden by 17 points (13 points ahead of Trump in the same poll).Haley also leads Biden in: 10 points It was 12 points in the December Messenger-HarrisX poll and 12 points in the November market poll.

The choice is easy. One Republican candidate will go toe-to-toe with the most unpopular president in modern history, and one will beat him. If you ask most Democrats who they fear most as a Republican candidate, the answer is Haley. Still, Republicans appear prepared to nominate Trump, a candidate just as unpopular as Biden.

This works to the advantage of Democrats. Recall that during the 2024 midterm elections, Democrats spent tens of millions of dollars supporting MAGA candidates in the Republican primaries in hopes of getting a “poison pill” candidate nominated. This strategy was both amoral and cynical, and extremely effective. All of the Democratic-backed MAGA candidates won the Republican primary but lost the general election.

Now, instead of advertising, the weapon of choice is the law. Trump has been indicted 91 times at the federal, state, and local levels. (To put this into perspective, the Unabomber only faced his 13th charge). And in states across the country, local Democratic Party officials and left-wing activists are using the 14th Amendment to remove him from the vote. Support for Trump among Republicans grows with each legal attack on him, and that’s exactly what Democratic leaders are hoping for. They believe that Trump is the easiest Republican candidate to defeat.

Republican voters need to decide: Will they fall for the trap? Is getting revenge on Trump more important than defeating Biden? The stakes couldn’t be higher. Biden is the most miserable president of my lifetime. And if he wins, he may not be able to complete a second term. Look at how he has declined over the past three years. Look at how stiff his gait has become and his ability to answer simple questions has diminished. If Biden is re-elected, Kamala D. Harris is likely to become president.

Republicans face a choice as they begin caucusing and voting. If they choose wisely, they could get the red wave Republicans wanted two years ago. Make the wrong choice and prepare for a second Biden term.

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