Opinion | Kamala Harris is not a liability to President Biden

Kathleen Parker, in her January 7 Sunday Opinion column, “A Reasonable Case for Nikki Haley,” argued that the presidential candidate was acting out of political expediency and lacked moral courage. Ms. Parker acknowledged that then-South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley advocated for removing the Confederate flag from the statehouse just before most South Carolinians voted in favor of removing it.

Unless, of course, we can expect President Haley to convict a former Republican president of attempting to harm both national security and a fair and free election system. It means she will keep her promise of pardon. His popularity grows among Republican voters who will not forgive him politically. Is it really “irresponsible” to “allow Harris to become president,” as Parker claimed? Or is it so irresponsible to elect a candidate whose political expediency includes a promise to violate the rule of law?

Yes, Vice President Harris laughed strangely. But she will uphold the norms of our democracy. I can’t say much about Ms. Haley.

Only one Republican presidential candidate, Ryan Binkley, committed to attending the Iowa Black and Brown Forum. To add insult to injury, Kathleen Parker said Vice President Harris is the person most opposed to President Biden’s re-election.

Since Donald Trump was elected president in 2016, all media reports about African Americans leaning toward the Republican Party are nothing more than propaganda. The Black and Brown Forum would have been an opportunity for Republicans to show they are serious about convincing more Black and brown voters to join the party.

And Ms. Parker’s plausible comments about our beloved Ms. Harris are rudimentary.

Carol W. Hollins, bethesda

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