Liquor liability insurance increases continue to hurt small businesses across South Carolina

(WIS) – Small businesses across South Carolina continue to feel the financial strain of rising liquor liability license prices, with some in the Midlands being forced to close their doors. Many people are now demanding changes from their legislators.

“This is not just bars, restaurants, and music venues,” said Sheila Melk, director of operations and communications for SC Venue Crisis. “This is about South Carolina’s economy.”

Merck said he has heard about the issue from dozens of businesses in the state via Facebook and Instagram. Locally, she said, businesses like New Brookland Tavern and Wico Bottle and Beer Garden have significantly increased their premiums.

“Every business in South Carolina is affected by liability insurance, and Congress should be able to do something about it,” Merck said.

As stores such as Casey’s Henry’s announced closures on Facebook over the weekend of January 7, Merck explained that this shows that rising prices are having a negative impact on the economy.

“There are multiple legislators who understand this issue,” Melk said, “and if we don’t address it soon, the state is going to be in a really bad position financially.”

SC Venue Crisis plans to hold a tort reform rally outside the state capitol to support small businesses affected by insurance premium increases. The rally was originally scheduled for Wednesday, January 9, but was postponed due to weather.

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