Is it rude to leave my partner at the security checkpoint if I have PreCheck?

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Is it okay to get TSA PreCheck if she can’t come with me? I urged her to sign up and she said she was working on it but it wasn’t that urgent. So when we travel together, she has to go through her long security line. To be honest, the line is sometimes full of amateur travelers and is almost unbearable. If her line isn’t that slow, wait for her on the other side of her security. But sometimes she needs more time, so I end up texting her where she can find me (maybe buy a beer near our gate – if she wants to find me) When I meet up with her, I’ll buy her a beer.) I asked her if she cared and she didn’t give her complaints but she can be a bit of a jerk sometimes. What do you think? – Anonymous.

Please keep it in your records. I do this all the time. are we stupid? In my opinion, it’s up to your partner.

For those who don’t know, PreCheck is a preclearance program from the Transportation Security Administration. Registration gives you access to a different line that moves faster, and passengers don’t have to take off their shoes or take their electronic devices out of their bags. According to the TSA, 99% of passengers are able to clear security checkpoints within 10 minutes.

My fiancée submitted a TSA PreCheck application a few months ago but has not gone to the interview. He has a smartphone and audiobooks, and he doesn’t mind waiting in line. So I’m the same as you. 90% of the time, it will be split and reconnected at the gate.

“There are ways to be a good person in a situation like that,” Dallas-based etiquette columnist Heather Wiese told me. “I don’t know you’re an asshole until you treat me like one.”

If you ask your girlfriend, “Do you mind?” and offer to buy her a beer, you’ve passed the Wiese jerk test. If you’re shouting, “You’ll lose later if you stink!” that’s a different story than bail money.

Thomas Farley, a New York City etiquette expert known as Mr. Manners, had a similar view. This is not necessary unless the person accompanying you is a minor or requires assistance with the procedure. To be with them through TSA purgatory.

Farley said this is especially true if your partner continues to avoid the opportunity to get a pre-check and you offer to sweeten the deal with beer or coffee.

Farley said a workaround to this dilemma is to make a timed reservation if TSA checkpoint service is available at the airport you’re visiting. That way you can both stay on the same line, but neither of you has to linger for too long. Other matrix cutting services, such as Perq Soleil, can do the same thing. At Perq Soleil, for a few hundred dollars, you can fly through the airport with the speed and concierge luxury of a celebrity. (Of course, getting her a PreCheck membership is the cheapest and easiest option).

The last person I tested was TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein.

“I think that’s a question for Mr. Manners,” she said. “But it would probably be better for both parties if they were enrolled in TSA PreCheck.”

Farbstein suggested turning the PreCheck application process into a romantic gesture. It may also be a gift for Valentine’s Day. For the 10 minutes it takes her to pre-register online, you can sit down with her, pay her fees, escort her to her interview appointment, and then take her out to lunch or dinner. Masu.

“In all seriousness, it’s a lot of fun,” Farbstein said. “I also went with her when her wife made a pre-check reservation.”

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